#IB study abroad 2014/15

Fakultät International Business – Alles für Ihren Erfolg

Welcome and goodbye

Many students take the step to go abroad

Each semester we welcome many foreign students to our faculty and many of our students take the step to study abroad at a partner university. In the academic year 2014/2015 we look forward to welcoming 99 foreign students at the faculty. These new students come from both Europe and from even farther away. The following graphics show you where our guests come from or you can have a look here.


Of course we are very excited to get to know them and to learn much about their hometown and how they like it here with us here in Germany and in our business faculty!

138 of our students have been given a place at a university abroad and now have the chance to explore the world and meet new people. We are looking forward to their stories after their return. Have a look at the following graphics or look here.

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