#MIBIM Career Dreams Fulfilled

Fakultät International Business – Alles für Ihren Erfolg

Since I started my university studies I have been looking out for courses, forums or other kinds of activities that brought me closer to the world outside its walls.

I firmly believe that in this globally connected world, student mobility is essential for developing our knowledge and skills. Hence, I thoroughly checked many different options, and with the advice given by my professors and colleagues at home I decided to apply with Heilbronn University and its Master of International Business and Intercultural Management (MIBIM). MIBIM seemed to be the perfect complement to my engineering studies, and experiencing the program has proven me right.

This Master’s Degree reflects in one course all international and intercultural issues companies may face. In doing so, MIBIM leans on a highly dedicated team of professors. Given the complex matter of the various courses and the many different international backgrounds classwork was sometimes closer to a United Nations meeting than a university!

I completed my Master Thesis at one of the so-called Hidden Champions of Baden-Württemberg:

ZIEHL-ABEGG SE. The company is the technological leader in elevator drive motors, control systems, and a wide variety of fans. I received the best possible support from my supervisor, Prof. Dr. Andreas Fuhrmann, and was most delighted with the treatment received in the company.

When I finished my Master Thesis ZIEHL-ABEGG SE offered me a job as a project engineer. I am now starting a new life in Germany. Vielen Dank, Hochschule Heilbronn!

Alfredo Rodríguez


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