#IB MIBIM and MITM Graduates Launch Startup

Fakultät International Business – Alles für Ihren Erfolg

Our former colleague Greta Gustafson writes about the startup company of two of her fellow students from our faculty.

A mix of passion—a mix of know-how. Giacomo Migliori (MIBIM 2012) and Francesco Terragni (MITM 2012) have launched their own tech startup, namely Skipodium. Already proving to be very successful, the company is an online platform that helps skiers and snowboarders search for, choose and buy ski lessons.

A professional ski-instructor from Varese, Italy—Giacomo came up with the idea on a ski lift in Australia. After years of thinking about connecting skiers and snowboarders with better and more customized ski lessons, he quickly skyped Francesco Terragni in Zurich. Both set their plan into action, engaging a skilled developer from Google, their colleague and co-founder Paolo Giangrandi.

“I have always wanted to bring innovation and disruption into the ski industry, given my background as a professional racer, ski instructor and business student,” said Giacomo. “It is amazing to see my dream come to life.”

Not only does the platform assist skiers and snowboarders to buy ski lessons, it is about optimization. When ski schools and resorts take advantage of the platform, they can optimize their revenues by selling more lessons and increasing their visibility—as well as plan ahead by adapting the pricing to their needs and seasonality factors. Increasing loyalty is another bonus due the platforms gamified approach to learning and by running an e-commerce platform on their own website through white labels solutions provided by Skipodium.

Francesco, from Monza, Italy is currently employed by Kayak as a business development manager in Zurich has been passionately involved to make sure Skipodium has a successful start.

“If you truly believe your idea has something special, fight for it,“ insists Francesco.

The two colleagues met during the MIBIM and MITM programmes in 2011 and quickly became good friends.

“I am really glad I graduated from Hochschule Heilbronn where I met Francesco, one of my best friends and co-founder of Skipodium, Inc.,” said Giacomo. “The future is open to us and we can shape it however we want.”  

More about Skipodium

Skipodium Inc. was founded in Boston, MA in January 2015 and closed its first seed investment round in February 2015: the company is backed by two angel investors.

At the moment there is a landing page that aims to collect as many signups as possible from B2B providers (ski schools, resorts etc.) as well as from B2C users (skiers and snowboarders).

A working beta version is being launched in September 2015.

Skipodium on Facebook

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