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A brand has a face just like a person – Hans Domizlaff

Lisa Fischbach, responsible for PR, brand communication and crisis communication at the Berner Group in Künzelsau, talked as a guest lecturer to our students. Her topic was B2B brand communication and the challenges for Berner as a multi-brand trading company and the development of the Group´s brand core. The Berner Group tries to figure out which way is the best to position the 5+1 core brands.

The Berner Group is family-owned since 1957, when they started to sell screws. Now they offer 75.000 products: screws, chemical products, windshield adhesives, repair kits, pneumatic and electric tools, tools & consumables for modern bodyshops, workshop equipment, pneumatic braking systems, warning signs, protective equipment and much more, which they sell mainly in Europe. The Berner Group created the endowed Chair „Marketing and Sales Eastern Europe“ at our faculty.

9.000 employees work for Berner in 3 business units, Berner has a turnover of 1 billion Euro.

Our thanks to Lisa Fischbach for her interesting presentation.

Experts with passion
Experts with passion
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