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No emotion, no value

We had the pleasure to welcome Bert Ohnemüller, Founder and CEO of the neuromerchandising group at our Summer School. He talked about the impact of insights of neuromarketing and neuromerchandising to build better brands and to create a pleasant atmosphere in shops. It is proven that the environment has a deep impact on the human mind. To get effective solutions for brands, retail and services the neuromerchandising group combines insights provided from brain research and evolutionary biology with the realities and necessities of the modern Point of Sales. The POS shows the first moment of truth and the best way to get a positive response is to talk to the limbic system – the one which is unconscious and makes you react and feel. Our brain is not made for thinking but for emotions and it is all about emotions to get connected to people. Neuromarketing is a very good way to get answers about what people really want.

There is a huge difference between what your brain makes you feel to like and what you think you like. This was shown e.g. in a blind taste test of Coca-Cola and Pepsi: “Half the subjects chose Pepsi, since Pepsi tended to produce a stronger response than Coke in their brain’s ventromedial prefrontal cortex, a region thought to process feelings of reward. But when the subjects were told they were drinking Coke three-quarters said that Coke tasted better.” (Wikipedia)

We like to thank Bert Ohnemüller for his interesting lecture.

Bert Ohnemüller with his family
Bert Ohnemüller with his family
Bert Ohnemüller with his family
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Tile picture: CC BY-ND 2.0 Simon & His Camera

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