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Fakultät International Business – Alles für Ihren Erfolg

By Luciano Scarfone, Student

The Heilbronn University in partnership with the Villa College, Malè- Maldives, organized an international project related to “Branding & Image of the Maldives”. A multicultural team of students from the Faculty of International Business at the Heilbronn University, enrolled in the International Tourism Master, carried out a quantitative and a qualitative analysis.

This Project, as well as the project in Tunisie, were acquired by Prof. Dr. Christian Buer and were accompanied by Prof. Dr. Ralf Vogler. Those projects aim to bring the international aspect of the Tourism Master to life.

After having deeply analysed the previous literatures and researches, and according to the main incoming tourism markets, the students  created a questionnaire in six different languages (English, Chinese, German, Italian, French, and Russian) in two different formats, one for arrivals and one for departures. The questionnaires have been distributed at the Malè airport, where the students had hand out more than 1.000 questionnaires.

For the qualitative part, the team has interviewed important local authorities such as: Villa College Dr. Rector Ahmed Anwar, Prof. Sashi, and the Villa Hotel Executive Director Dr. Muaviyath Umar.

The project by itself has represented a marvellous international experience for the students, and so far even national Maldivian newscasts have reported the project on television.

Are you interested in such projects too?Please contact Prof. Dr. Christian Buer.

Research Students from Hochschule Heilbronn/Heilbronn University to conduct a research on the topic "Characteristics of Maldives as a tourism destination"
Research Students from Hochschule Heilbronn/Heilbronn University to conduct a research on the topic "Characteristics of Maldives as a tourism destination"
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Erika Puumala: The research project in Maldives in collaboration with Villa College was an unforgettable experience. Working in an international team was fun and rewarding but the best part was getting to know the local people and experience the Maldivian way of life.

Luciano Scarfone: The project has been a great opportunity to test and improve my skills. Above all, learning a new culture and a new way of working, it is a key asset that will help me in the future. Still many thanks to the Heilbronn University and the Villa College for the amazing opportunity given. 

Yana Bilynets: The project idea itself is very interesting to work with. Combined with hospitable Maldivian environment it was a great opportunity to learn about local culture and to experience all the differences which together with the nature beauty make this destination so unique.

Mariangela Conte: Maldives, tourists, local people, Heilbronn University and all the staff of Villa College created an amazing environment to grow up as a person and as a student. They gave me the opportunity to practice what I studied during my Bachelor and to confront myself with different cultures and backgrounds inside and outside the group. WUNDERBAR!

Lester Antonio Mendoza Poveda: The Maldives Project definitely was the best course of our Master Programme and one of my best experience ever. It gave me the opportunity not only to put in practice all the knowledge learned through all the courses and to strengthen my teamwork skills in our multi-cultural team, but also to experience and explore the Maldivian culture, e.g. hospitality and friendliness of their people (Villa College), delicious spicy food and fantastic beaches as well. Maldives makes honor to their brand name “The sunny side of life” in all the aspects. Thanks to Heilbronn University and Villa College as well for making us part of this amazing project.

Olga Kastritsi: For me the Maldives Project was definitely an experience of a lifetime not only for the scientific knowledge we earn and the travel to this dreamy destination but mainly for the intercultural communication. This project gave me the opportunity to come in contact with cultures from all over the world and mainly to understand some aspects of their behavior.

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