#IB Marketing Cases Class Run by High-Caliber Berner Management

This winter term, one of the „Marketing Cases“ classes has a new and different format:

The course is being run by Bert Habets (photoBerner Presentation - Marketing Cases 2015-01-01) and his team, all members of Berner’s new „Sales Excellence“ initiative, together with Prof. Dr. Britta Bergemann. Berner experts will be on campus every other week for individual guidance and monitoring of 10 student teams – 30 students in total – ready to immerse in a special experience.

The challenge tackled by the student teams focusses on customer relationship management and how improved customer service can enhance business performance.

Berner Group is a family-run European organization headquartered in Künzelsau. The group with it divisions Berner, BTI and Caramba specializes in the production and sales of maintenance, repair and operations products and tools as well as chemical products for the automotive and construction industry. Over 9.000 employees in 60 organizations and 25 countries work in close partnerships with their clients.

For information on career possibilities at Berner, please see: Berner Group Careers


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