#IB Roadshow für die Summer School 2016

Fakultät International Business – Alles für Ihren Erfolg

The same procedure as last year: quer durch die USA in drei Wochen

Vom 30. Mai bis zum 17. Juni 2016 wird das beliebte Summer School – Experience Europe Programm bereits zum dritten Mal stattfinden. Erneut werden wir wieder viele internationale Gaststudenten bei uns an der Fakultät begrüßen können. Neben der Wahl zwischen einem der beiden European Cultures & Management Styles Kursen – „Marketing in Europe“ oder „European Tourism Networks“ – wird auch ein umfangreiches Rahmenprogramm angeboten, um den Gaststudenten einen Eindruck unserer Kultur und vom Leben in der Region zu vermitteln. Zu den Exkursionen gehören unter anderem auch Besuche renommierter und erfolgreicher Unternehmen in Süddeutschland.

Um dies zu ermöglichen, reiste Tanja Schöffski erneut in die USA, um einige unserer Partnerhochschulen zu besuchen und um das Summer School Programm zu promoten. Weitere Informationen, sowie den Flyer können Sie sich hier anschauen.

In den kommenden zwei Wochen wird das „Roadshow Tagebuch“ in englischer Sprache mit neuen Berichten gefüllt!


#03 | Third Stop: University of Arkansas in Fayetteville

I arrived in Fayetteville at almost midnight, to arrive at the rental car agency to find the only available car was a 12-seat van. Oh well, so the smallest girl in the world has the biggest car in the world!

I drove my big van to the campus and had a lot of great meetings with Curt (the Associate Dean), DeDe Long and Laura Moix in the Study Abroad Office, Professor Allen Powell in Hospitality School, Carol from the Honors College, and Betsy Garrison, Kelly Way, and Lobat Siahmakoun with the School of Human Environmental Sciences.

At the study abroad fair I was able to do my presentations in classes and I also had an info table with flyers, information material etc. for the interested students. So: two students will apply for the Summer School – Kevin and Lauren! Looking forward to seeing them.

I talked with a lot of students about our Summer School program and found that the mentor program is a big plus. That program feature will give the students a safe and protected feeling when coming to Germany and will help them to step out of their comfort zone during their study abroad time.

Lastly, a huge thank you to Rosa Weinhold for representing Heilbronn so well and recruiting students for the program!


University of Arkansas
My 12-seat van


#02 | Second Stop: Miami, FIU University

Second stop on my trip is: sunny Miami! I had a warm welcome on Sunday with 30 degree weather so I headed to the beach. On Monday, I visited the FIU University. The hospitality campus is north of the city and I had a very good meeting with Diann Newman, the Associate Dean. We had a long conversation about all the different possibilities for their students to come over to Heilbronn. She was very interested to learn about our Master program, namely because it is tuition-free.

On Tuesday I visited the Study Abroad office to promote the Summer School. I was talking with Susy Gomez and Gabriela Esteves about this great opportunity. Both ladies will talk with students about our summer experience program and appreciated our mentor program with the Summer School.

So good bye „last really warm sunny day“ for this year!


Miami, FIU


#01 | Start in Bradford, PA at the University of Pittsburgh at Bradford

My gorgeous Summer School Promotion tour started in Bradford, PA at the University of Pittsburgh at Bradford. I arrived there on a beautiful sunny day. Kayti, one of our most recent Summer School students, gave me a great guided campus tour. This has helped me know how it will feel for our study abroad students to come over here for a semester. The campus is awesome, with an indoor pool, library, dining hall, gym, housing… I’ve talked to our students from Heilbronn who are studying there for one semester. They all told me it’s so good and they have no problems with their classes and teachers. They’ve totally easily integrated into their daily lives.

As my business at Pitt-Bradford was promoting our Summer School Program, I had time to talk with many students at the study abroad fair and it was very successful. I also made some good contacts with students for our semester exchange and master’s program.

I’m looking forward to having many of the wonderful Bradford students in our next Summer School.


University of Pittsburgh


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