#IB Summer School 2016 has finally started!

Fakultät International Business – Alles für Ihren Erfolg

The Summer School 2016 finally has started and we are excited about an interesting schedule lying ahead of us. We wish all summer school students and colleagues a great time! Here you find the latest activities and photos – updated regularly… (mostly written by the summer school students themselves):


On Monday we go on our trip to Esslingen. Upon arrival, which is later than planned because Deutsche Bahn loves cancelling trains for no visible reason, we have some ice cream to gain enough energy for our little hike. Aiming to reach the tower on top of the hill, we hike through a steep vineyard with beautiful views. But as we finally reach the Fat Tower (Dicker Turm), the view from up there is even more breath-taking – the old, traditional houses of Esslingen city, the vines, the flower beds of the park next to the tower… A perfect spot for “selfies”, “wefies” and group photos. When everyone is done capturing this beautiful scenery, we split up to have a quick dinner in different restaurants before our “guided ghost tour” begins.

An undead lady from many centuries ago tells us the stories of former Esslingen citizens. While passing historically meaningful parts and places of the city, we have to watch out for the scary monk, the vampire Dracula or the goner coughing of Black Death. In combination with the stories of murders, diseases and cruelties that may or may not have happened in Esslingen some centuries ago, you hear some frightened screams of the girls in our group, when all the sudden a werewolf or masked monk appears. Luckily, it is not all dark at this time yet. This ghost tour and the actors in it for sure earn a big applause in the end. All exhausted and still telling scary stories, we take the train back to Heilbronn.

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Today we visited the castle Hohenzollern. When we arrived we got the chance to participate in a guided tour through some rooms in the castle, that are still used by today’s owner. We learned something about the history of the Hohenzollern family and the castle itself. At the end we also got to see the treasury and the catacombs. At noon we went on to Tübingen. After having a delicious hearty lunch all together, we had some happy time for ourselves to explore the city. Unfortunately it started raining during our free time but that didn’t not stop us from eating ice cream and having lots of fun in Tübingen…. 🙂

Summer School 2016 - Ausflug nach Tübingen und zur Burg Hohenzollern
Summer School 2016 - Ausflug nach Tübingen und zur Burg Hohenzollern
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Today we went to the Lake Constance. During the bus ride we already „warmed up“ and listened to some music. We took the bus from the hotel to Bregenz, where we took the cable car up to the Pfändner. On top of the mountain we enjoyed the beautiful view to the lake and the Alps. Afterwards we grabed something to eat and listened to a marching band and walked back down. It was really exhausting, because the path was very slippery – though we had a lot of fun :-). 2h later we were down in Bregenz and enjoyed some time at the harbor and ate some ice cream. During the following boat ride to Lindau we took some pictures and had – again – a beautiful view to the Lake and the adjoining mountains. In Lindau we enjoyed some live music and went to a little cafe. Then we headed back home after a day full of amazing moments!

Summer School 2016 - Ausflug zum Bodensee, Bregenz, Lindau
Summer School 2016 - Ausflug zum Bodensee, Bregenz, Lindau
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Chocolate doesn’t ask silly questions, chocolate understands…

Today we visited a place where there was so much chocolate for all of us. We went to the Ritter Sport Factory in Waldenbuch. When we arrived the first thing we got is a small chocolate bar to try, while we are learning something about the history of the founding family Ritter. By the way: The addition “sport” in the product name comes from the fact that there was a sports field next to the factory.

Right after this little pre-taste we were ready for the guided tour. Covered in hygiene clothes we were guided through all the different sections and steps in the production of Ritter Sport chocolate. Some of us were pretty hard to curb while watching the liquid chocolate run into the huge containers 🙂 But we managed to stay together and got some chocolate to taste once in a while at different stations.

In the end we got the chance  to visit the Museum right next door and bought a bunch of chocolate for the family back home in the RitterSport Shop.

All in all it is a tasty excursion with great guides and a bunch of happy chocolate eaters.

Afterwards we went to an Irish Pub for a karaoke night. It is a lot of fun and we enjoy the happy time! 🙂

Ausflug zur Firma Ritter (Ritter Sport Schokolade)
Ausflug zur Firma Ritter (Ritter Sport Schokolade)
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Today we have class till 12:30 pm followed by some lunch, and at 2 pm the Heilbronn Ralley starts. The group gets divided into six smaller groups and follows different ways to reach the aim. We stop by the city hall, the Kilianskirche, the golden rabbit and the Götzeturm. Additionally we need to find out which spring special burgers „Hans im Glück“ has, what the local wines in the swabian region are, what kind of swabian food we know. And we also build a sand castle! All groups meet at the Götzenturm and climb up to enjoy the beautiful view. Afterwards the „Brezel Game“ starts. The mentees need to eat brezels of a string without using hands….. It is a lot of fun!

Then finally the day ends with some good barbecue on boats. There are five boats and two people of our group in each boat who drive. One person is taking care of the barbecue and we all enjoy the time on the Neckar River. After that exciting event we meet up in a bar for a sundowner to fade away the day slowly….

Summer School 2016 - Heilbronn Ralley
Summer School 2016 - Heilbronn Ralley
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29. – 30.05.2016

On this weekend the summerschool 2016 has started in Heilbronn. The mentors picked up the American summerschool participants at the airport or the train station. Some arrived already on friday and saturday. But sunday was the main arrival day. After we arrived at the hotel and settled down a little we met up at Lehner’s and got to know each other. After some ice-cream the mentees wanted to go to the hotel so they could sleep.

On Monday class started at 8:30 am. After that we had lunch and a welcome event with some dancing and getting to know each other followed by a campus tour.

Summer School Arrivals!
Summer School Arrivals!
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