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Video Conference with MIBIM students: International Conference “Innovative trends of sustainable development of economy and society” in St. Petersburg, April 2017

Three master students of our M.A. programme “International Business and Intercultural Management” presented their topics in the section “International business: organizational commitment to sustainability and geopolitical volatility” in collaboration with Prof. Hayduk, International Affairs Principal of our Faculty. The international conference was organized by our partner university St. Petersburg State University of Economics (UNECON, Russia). The participants of the conference presented scientific papers and research projects via life stream from Russia, Germany and Japan.

“Mexico`s position in international business and its commitment towards sustainability” was presented by MIBIM students Ana Karina Toral & Ana Laura Hernandez.

MIBIM student Fabian Burkard presented his Master Thesis project: “Viable energy storages by the example of the aqueous sodium-ion battery – A possible sustainable business model?”

Presenting for an international audience sitting in front of a camera without the direct response of an audience was challenging, but an enriching experience. Congratulations on the success!

Dorothee Weissert, Coordination M.A. Programme MIBIM


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