#MIBIM Innovation workshop with guest lecturers from Finland

Fakultät International Business – Alles für Ihren Erfolg

Prof. Iouri Kotorov and Prof. Ari Stenroos, two guest lecturers of our partner university “Karelia University of Applied Sciences” in Joensuu, Finland, offered their expertise and guidance in a two-day workshop dedicated to innovation and entrepreneurship at our faculty.

The workshop “InnoBootCamp” is based on the InnovationMonth® course created by Karelia UAS in 2011. Over 500 students from 40 countries have participated in this special course to learn about the meaning of entrepreneurship as a possibility for self-employment and employing.

The workshop was offered to our students of the master programme “International Business and Intercultural Management” within the course „Sustainable Management“. The objective of the workshop was to produce concrete business, product and service concepts with the help of diverse group members and experts. The participants learned and enforced new product development methods and used these skills for producing innovative business or service entities.

Thanks to Iouri and Ari and thanks to all the participants for a great workshop!

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