#IB Marketing Cases Class Run by High-Caliber Berner Management

Fakultät International Business – Alles für Ihren Erfolg

OnIMG_6785 November 6, the Marketing Cases class visited Berner Group in Heilbronn for presentations and a tour around the premises.

Mr. Peter Siegert, Division Head Automotive, and Ms. Anne Herkner, Project Manager E-Commerce, provided interesting insights into Berner’s sales process, highlighting the importance of making the customer’s journey along various offline and online touchpoints a satisfying one.

Ms. Adina Letzguss, Manager in the Human Resources team, hosted our group most professionally and made sure every little detail was taken care off.

Finally, we had the unique opportunity to experience the heart of the company, the ultramodern storage and logistics center, which was opened for our students (see photo).

Next week, Berner Management will be with us again in Heilbronn and we will take the project to the next level. Objective is to provide Berner with student feedback and ideas related to the sales process. Final project presentations will take place in January 2016.


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#IB Marketing Cases Class Run by High-Caliber Berner Management

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